Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day of the Union Pacific 844

Whilst at the ocean enjoying my 3rd anniversary this week, I chanced upon a CF card from my Sony A300. I hadn't used this card in awhile and, zounds, there they were! Photos of UP's Alco 4-8-4 #844, taken on April 17th of 2009! And here I thought I'd lost them completely! (click on each photo for enlarged version)

It's a joy coming across important photos one originally thought had been lost -- kind of like finding a nice, crisp $100 bill in your sneaker.

Here, the 844 is on its way to Roseville, California -- home to the J.R. Davis Yards and the HQ of the Roseville Subdivision -- during the 2009 Western Heritage Tour. 844 is running light, downhill (you can tell because of the minimal stack plume) on the number one track. Check out the number of people packed into the cab.

Also behind 844 are EMD SD-70ACe's #1996, painted in SP Daylight colors (1996 being the year UP bought SP) and #1983, painted in Western Pacific colors (year that UP bought WP).

Finally, just a minute or so later, Amtrak's #6 California Zephyr heads uphill, eastbound, past the point I had attained for the prior photographs.

As you might suspect, it is always extraordinarily difficult to locate a position from which to photograph UP 844 or UP Challenger 3985 and not get a host of other photographers and railfans in the way. I have since found my "it shall not be revealed" site for all time, just a short distance from my cabin, quite luckily.

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