Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stack train documented by unusual video:

I'm certainly nothing of a techno-geek, by any stretch of the imagination.

That said, I am sufficiently facile as to update various forms of technology in a basic way.

And that would be: I traded in my iPhone 3GS for a new Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Frankly: I couldn't be happier.  The Note II has, thankfully, absolutely exceeded my expectations.

The first video I ever recorded on the Note II was this below, caught extemporaneously and with little forethought for editing or professionalism -- clearly.

In the video, a downhill (westbound) UP double-stack train comes to a stop for the red signal at MP152 approaching Secret Town -- then, releases its brakes for a few number of cars.  I acquired some detail on the trucks of well cars, air lines, air valves, wheels, axles and brakes.  Note that the WABCO proportional air valve, manufactured in January of 2011, is built in Mexico.

As per normal, see the full video here and please wear headphones for the full experience.  Listen to the creaking of the brakes as the air solidifies and then releases.  Below is the actual brake pad to that wheel in full application.

Overall, I am rather pleased with the video capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  Yes, I see that picture went in and out of focus a few times.  And yes, I realize that it did its best with contrasting situations which resulted in backlighting issues.

That said, packing the Samsung Note II everywhere I go assures I likely won't miss some potentially important video or photo opportunities.

The current photo and video quality of various telephones absolutely amazes me.

And, bottom line?  I am much happier with the Samsung than I was with the iPhone.  And no, I'm not paid by Samsung.

Merry Christmas to all my readers, thank you for visiting, and please return.  I am not going away.

Finally: gird thy loins for 2013.  I suspect it won't be pretty.


As per normal, click on each photo for enlargement.  Further: every photograph above is a "screen capture" of the original HD video taken by the Note II.  That in itself is -- in my opinion -- astounding.  Check out the clarity.  Or am I simply another daft dupe for technology -- ?