Sunday, December 29, 2013

There and Back Again

My most sincere apologies for not having posted in a brutally long time.

I have had an insane time with Google not being kind, and/or myself not being smarter than Google -- likely the second part.

That said, a video up for grabs:

My videos are still being created by the original Cisco Flip HD -- a camera no longer created or supported by Cisco.  In the above video, I learned how to briefly edit internally per scene, which is how I was able to bring out solely audio from the detector at Milepost 154.4 at the end.

The first locomotive is a GE P42DC in Amtrak livery on the Roseville Subdivision's westbound #1 track.  This is the California Zephyr heading towards Auburn, Roseville and then Sacramento.

I missed the lead unit on the freight train, heading uphill on the #2 track.  You can see, however, that UP 5279 -- a GE C45ACCTE -- is working as a mid-train helper, with UP 5148 (an EMD SD-70M) and UP 7476 (a GE C45ACCTE in UP parlance, and ES44AC in GE lingo) pushing at the end.

It's Christmas week, so time to make a hit-and-run post.  Now that I've made peace again with Google and Blogger, more to come.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and God bless us all in the potentially contentious New Year.

Be safe and healthy.