Monday, November 23, 2009

Older Power Up The Hill

An extremely rare sight and consist indeed. Recently, I caught a mixed manifest train running through Gold Run and past Casa Loma Road towards Giant Gap, over UP's Roseville subdivision towards Donner Pass.

These days, the bulk of the power is GE, with a smattering of EMD for good measure.

This unique train, however, had UP 8224 on point, an EMD SD90/43AC, and UP 8270 on the rear, another EMD SD90/43AC -- albeit a bit nose-battered.

UP has already completely scrapped all the true SD90MAC-H units; the only ones left are the original convertibles -- huge frames containing AC traction motors but with smaller 4,300-hp diesel prime movers.

What a shame neither EMD nor GE could produce a reliable 6,000-hp American locomotive.


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