Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Steam Inside The Cab:

UP 3985, the Challenger:



Well Seasoned Fool said...

There are two you can see up close. One is in a public park in Cheyenne, WY. The other is in the Forney Transportation Museum in Denver, CO.

As a child, I saw them operating out of Laramie, WY. Hwy 287 comes within 1/8 of a mile from the UP Main line. Your automobile would shake when one came by. One time we got to see two in tandem pulling Sherman Summit between Laramie and Cheyenne.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Here is a link to Holiday Park in Cheyenne.

This park is about five minutes from Interstate 80. There must be a great story in how the engine got to the park as it is at least ten blocks to the tracks and the park sits much higher than the tracks.

If you visit Cheyenne, obey all traffic laws and speed limits. Cheyenne PD doesn't fool around.