Monday, August 20, 2012

UP 7729 West meets UP 7676 East:

And does so in the 95-degree heat just below the very small town of Gold Run.

Once again I inadvertently manage to capture a very rare train meet on video.

Created on August 7, 2012 using FlipShare, this was an incredibly hot day west of Gold Run. UP 7729 West was a stack train running downhill on the #1 track, stopping for a signal indication at MP152. The signal went green and 7729 continued its way downhill. UP 7729 is a GE C44ACCTE with 4,400 hp, following by four EMD SD70M locomotives: 4771, 5064, 4492 and 4536, all possessing 4,000 hp. The train is assisted by UP 8684 in DPU status at the end, an EMD SD70ACe.

After 7729 releases its brakes, you can hear another train approaching at another crossing further west of Gold Run. UP 7676 is caught running uphill, east on the #2 track.

I get the camera a little closer than normal on this video, scorching my arms on the hot ballast.

Check out the entire YouTube video here and enlarge it for your screen. Wear headphones and enjoy! [There is scanner traffic in the background as well.]



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Man, you get way closer to those beasts than I would care to venture.

Milepost 154 said...

Yeah, I know, ain't it great?

You only live once.

Why make boring videos all the time? I'm always looking for a new perspective and am considering the $300 four-propellered drone which mounts an HD-cam that looks down and sideways.

I'm wondering what kind of videos I can pull off if I had one of those things.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Around the Wright, WY area, the UP and BNSF have six parallel tracks. I've seen four of them in use at the same time.

Need to somehow schedule some downtime in the area. Using my point and shoot out the window at 65 mph isn't a good setup.

Bet you can find a R/C'er in the area that would be interested in doing something like that.